How Meetings Work

~We try to mimic face to face meetings as much as possible.
~There will be a chairperson guiding the meeting. They will post information about the meetings and protocol - it's important to get to the meeting on time to see this.
~During a topic meeting, the chair may request topics if there is no predetermined topic.
~After the meeting gets going, the chairperson will ask for shares.
~We share one at a time. We request to share by "raising our hand" (post a "!"), and the chairperson will then call on us to share.
~When we are finished sharing, we type "done" or "pass." This keeps the meeting moving smoothly.
~We do not interrupt the meeting or the chairperson.
~To chat privately with someone without interrupting the meeting, click on the person's name in the name list.
~Meetings generally last approximately an hour.